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Installation of Sangoma A101/102/104/108/200 card Drivers on Windows XP/2003.
============================================================STEP 1 – installing the card

The new card is sealed in anti-static packaging before shipping. 
Before removing the card from it's packaging, please ensure that you are
grounded (touch a wellgrounded object such as your PC chassis).
Handling only the mounting bracket, insert the card into a PCI slot.
Make sure that the card is properly seated,
and that the fasteners are tightened properly.Plug in the AFT PCI adapter and turn on your system.
The "New Hardware Wizard" will start automatically.

Click on "Cancel" to exit the "New Hardware Wizard".

Set System Driver Signing Optionto "Ignore" or "Warn":
"Control Panel->System->Hardware->Driver Signing"

Open "Command Prompt" and change directory to the “card”
subdirectory on distribution disk, e.g.\AFT_beta_6_0_3_7\card.

Type in

If "Update Driver Warning" ("Installing this device driver is not recommended
because Windows cannot verify that it is compatible with your hardware...") appears,
ignore thewarning and continue installation.

If the "Digital Signature Not Found" warning appears, ignore the warning and
select "Continue Anyway" to continue installation.

After drivers installed, inthe “Device Manager” you should see picture similar to this:

Open the properties of "Sangoma Hardware Abstraction Driver (Port 1)",
switch to "Line Configuration" page to choose T1/E1settings.


Switch to "T1/E1 Groups of Channels" page.

If you purchased channelized version of AFT card,
you may set “Number of groups of channels”
to something different than 1.Select and right-click on a Channel Group,
You will see the following options:
1. “Group Properties…”
2. “Start WANPIPE Monitor”

Select “Group Properties…” from the menu.
You should...
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