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January 10 2007 – The Beginning!
This is really happening! For an intercultural student who has been anticipating her cross cultural experience ever since she set foot on campus, this is thehighlight that I have been waiting for. I am really on my way to Africa for an entire semester! Oddly I feel calm and ready – maybe I’ve thought about it so long that I am used to the idea, or maybe I amjust strange and the shock of what I am about to experience will hit me later. Either way, I am here and this is happening. Once we arrived into London for our 24 hour stopover, we settled in ahotel and proceeded to find a place to eat for dinner. Alice took us to a beautiful Indian restaurant. Most of us had never had Indian food to eat before but were raring to try something new. Afternegotiating prices and courses, we were told that a variety of dishes had been ordered and would soon be brought out.

January 11 - Today was filled with adventures of another culture and we haven’teven gotten to Africa yet. We had a 24 hour stopover in London and so today we had the opportunity to see some of the city. Filled with incredible views, intense rain and fog, along with copiousamounts of walking, I saw the Tower Bridge, Saint Paul’s, and The Tait Modern along with many other sights along the Thames. Walking the streets, I quickly made some observations. First, Londoners walkand act very business-like, as if wanting to accomplish everything in the most efficient manner possible. Another thing you notice right away is the lack of noise. English people are much quieterthan Americans and would not often be found shouting or using loud voices. During our Phoenix orientation we were informed of this, and told that this is one way that Americans stick out and makethemselves even more obnoxious than they already are. Our group made good effort to try and control the noise, and I thought we did a good job. At some points we weren’t even talking above whispers and...
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