Nu metal

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Jhon Edwin Agudelo Manrique

Nu Metal: the sound of the 90s

The Nu metal also known as “new metal” is a heavy metal subgenre that was born between the years 1990 and 2000. The Nu metalcombines some musical styles like hip hop, thrash metal, hardcore and others, creating a genre with a cool sound that was very interesting for the teenagers in the 90s. The Nu metal age can bedivided in two parts, “the first generation” and “the second generation”.

When the classic heavy metal and Glam age finished in consequence of the grunge birth, the metal music wasconsidered dead. Therefore, some teenagers that grew listened 80s metal saw the needless of revive the genre, but they could not pretend make the same sound of the classic bands, they needed to domusic that sound new and cool for identified their generation. In search of that sound they mix some styles that had never been allowed in the metal music, like hip hop, electronic music, andthis success offend to the classic metal fans but caught a new wave of people that was interested in the new sound of metal, the “Nu metal”. The main bands in this first generation were “Korn”and “deftones” considered the pioneer bands, with a sound heavy and crude that caught the attention of the skateboarders.

In search of a heavier sound, the bands that was born in thenineties took the sound of the “first generation” of Nu metal and mixed that with the heaviest sounds of metal music, Death metal and Grindcore, and so were born bands like Slipknot, Mudvayne,Mushroomhead and others that recovered the old fans of heavy metal music with a sound more honest and pure. The Nu metal influenced the newest styles of metal music like Metalcore and Deathcore.As a conclusion the metal music has never died, only the times change and the music change too. The music is in constant evolution and some day born new music styles and sounds for all tastes.
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