Nuclear power

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Nuclear Power

Nuclear power is the kind of energy generated from the nuclear reaction of uranium; which is a metal mined in various parts of the world. Nuclear plants are responsible of producingthe third part of world’s electricity without the pollution that is produced from burning fossil fuels.
I can’t be against nuclear power because of the quantity of energy and electricity that isproduced in nuclear plants, this is essential for human life and I consider nuclear power the most effective way to cover the demand of energy.
However the waste is the big problem about nuclear power,nuclear residuals are very dangerous for every living creature because of the radiation. The waste has to be stored or buried because it takes a long time to radiation die away.
On the other handnuclear power stations are not atomic bombs waiting to go off. In fact they have a high level of security that keep them (in most of the cases) safe from earthquakes, flooding, terrorists and everythingelse. In fact in the history of nuclear energy, there have been only 3 cases of serious nuclear accidents. And it’s important to emphasize that the waste produced are much lower than the contaminantagents generated from burning fossil fuels.
Environment friendly groups as green peace argues that there are other sources of energy which don’t cause consequences to the planet (wind power, solarpower and hydroelectrically power). It’s true that they don’t produce greenhouse gas emissions and they are also a renewable energy resource but it’s necessary to know that they don’t produce enoughenergy to cover the world’s demand. Besides wind power is consider a waste of land and bird usually die because of the wind turbines. In addition hydroelectrically power is not as friendly with theenvironment as we think, local flora and fauna have to die to build the dam, and a clear example is the polemic about the construction of “El Quimbo”. The last option is solar power, and even when it is...
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