Speech Against Nuclear Power

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We are living in a society in which energy is fundamental in our lives, the entire world needs it; everybody needs energy. Our society in which the needs ofenergy are increasing, tries to find out ways to produce energy in massive quantities, here is where the nuclear power takes place.

Nuclear energy was discovered on the twentieth century. It ischeap, clean and it avoids the emission of CO2. It is economical, secure and a constant source of energy. It’s true; nuclear energy can be a great possibility for the future... But, are we aware of therisks and disadvantages of nuclear energy?
Is Nuclear energy really a green energy? Did you know that the operation of just one nuclear power station during a year implies moving more than a milliontons of uranium; generate more than seven millions of residues and the displacement of hundreds of thousands of tons of materials, using CO2- emitting fossil fuels?
Nuclear energy produces radioactivewaste that can be active for more than twenty thousand years. The radiation generated by this waste can produce cancer, mutations or other diseases like cardiovascular diseases.
Also accidents ordisasters, such as Chernobyl or Fukushima, in nuclear power stations can be really dangerous. It can be used to develop nuclear weapons and nuclear power stations are a potential objective for terroristattacks.
Nuclear energy is not infinite, uranium is getting more expensive, and reserves are limited, so in a few decades we will have the same problems as with fossil fuels.
The nuclear energy isthe energy that generates less employment per unit of energy produced.
Your resolution further recommends that old reactors be replaced for new reactors in case of test failure, how much is thereplacement of reactors going to cost? Can the European Union or the energy companies afford that?
You talk about urge Member States to invest in nuclear fusion projects, but what about renewable...
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