Obama's speech defending reverend richard wright

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Barack Obama’s Speech Defending Reverend Richard Wright

Barack Obama’s “A More Perfect Union” speech was presented in response to controversial remarks made by Reverend Richard Wright. Obamaaddressed the topic of race in America as something that should not be ignored. He made reference to the Constitution’s Preamble, citing “we the people, in order to form a more perfect union” to setthe base for his speech.
As Obama continued through his speech he also made references to the United States’ past as being a slave nation and to his own personal ancestral history in the UnitedStates. As Obama explained his origins, of which he reassured he was much proud, he explained how he represents how much progress we have made to shift away from the racial divide. He used thisbackground information to set the context of how much progress and change has the United States gone through. Explaining that in a country said to still have that racial divide it did not appear so evidentin his run for president.
Obama also mentioned the United States touchy topic of slavery. He explained how if we had paid attention to the above mentioned words from the Constitution’sPreamble we could have saved the United States the whole ordeal of the slavery issue.
He goes on to explain how Wright’s words over race were wrong and only seemed to further create a racial divide.Obama then explains why he has allied himself with Wright, although he does not agree with the “snippets” of his sermon that have been plastered all over the internet. He gives background content ofWright’s help to the community, and that Wright posses the “good and bad” of the community with whom both are part of. To this, Obama expresses he will not separate himself from Wright or the blackcommunity that they both belong to. Not only did he not dismiss Wright but he also said that he should not be the one justifying Wright’s claims. I thought that Obama positioned himself correctly when...
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