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The article “Obama opposes repeal of healthcare suspended last week” explains that there are many complications concerning the healthcare law Obama is trying to pass. Officials argue whether it isnecessary to repeal the CLASS Act since it is not being implemented. Obama “might veto Republican efforts to do so.” Furthermore, Democratic Rep Dan Lipinski of Illinois and 47 other officials haveco-sponsored a bill to repeal the CLASS Act.
The HHS (Health and Human Services) has posted a blog revealing their opinion on the matter. Secretary Kathleen Sebelius writes that they have not found away to make the program sustainable. “Obama administration sold the healthcare law with the argument that it would lower the nation’s long-term health costs, and the CLASS Act was an important reasonwhy.” Still, they have yet to find a way to make the program function as it should without causing the US to plummet into further deficit.
Obama’s control on things has already been questionedbefore. He was so keen to pass the healthcare law, but didn’t realize how deeply flawed the law was. The CLASS Act demonstrates how flawed it is. Currently it is not being implemented, but HHS and CBO(Congressional Budget Office) are involved in trying to reach a decision. While many support repealing the law, or just not implementing it, Obama maintains to continue on with the law.
It is importantthat the CLASS Act has met this standstill. This will hopefully serve to enlighten the problems within Obama’s decision. “Because the program is not being implemented…a repeal bill would not beconsidered saving money. Consequently, the case may spend more money than we already need to and affect the economy more than it already is.
Although Obama is attempting to ensure that people havehealth care, I don’t think he is going about it the right way. Our current economic situation cannot afford to create this law. More so, health care has always been managed by the states because it is...
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