Oliver twist

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Oliver is an orphan boy, his mother died when he was a baby for this reason nobody knew who was she or where she came from, he lived in a hospice where he was subject to the cruelty of Mrs. Mann, In his birthday he was locked in a bunker, the same day Mr. Bumble went to visit him together left the hospice, he was very unhappy and often felt very alone. in the new hospice met with mr.limbkins, one day Oliver made the big mistake of demand more food, he was locked up for a week in a cold and dark room. In the morning offered 5 pounds to take over Oliver. First come a man, he call gamfield who accept to carry with him. They wait only the decision of a judge which reject the deal, finally Oliver went with Mr. Sowerberry an undertaker Oliver was thinking that the death was thebest for him.

n the morning some violets kicks woke Oliver, at that time he met with Noah Claypole. He is an envious boy, Mr. Sowerberry thought that Oliver will be good to accompany in the children burials so apart from that moment he began to learn a little about that business. Passed the month trial, Oliver, he was officially student. Noah was jealous and then proposed to makeOliver’s life impossible. One day Noah and Oliver had a strong fight because Noah was insulting Oliver’s mother for that Oliver was punishing. He decided to fled in the morning, but before leave the town finally he said goodbye with a big hug to a friend who was cleaning hospice´s garden.

Oliver decides to go to London, after a few days came to a town of barnet where he sits downto rest, he didn´t eat for a week, once a boy call Arthur dodger invited to his house. When they arrive there in this place was a old man call Fagin and many children they are eating and drinking too. But Oliver didn´t understand how they made their living until one day the boys carry him and witnessed the robbery, in this moment he understand that he was living with a gang of thieves. He wanted toflee but Oliver was accused of theft, he was sentenced to three months' hard labor. But Oliver was faint by the lack of food and water. But this injustice was prevented because the owner of the bookshop declares Oliver did not commit the theft. Then Mr. Brownlow decided to take Oliver to his home to remedy his error, it was the first time that Oliver was care with love and kindness.

Chapter 5Oliver was taking to the Mr. Brownlow home. When children returned to Fagin house, the old man was very angry because Oliver did not return with them. Suddenly bill sikes orders to Nancy searched him. Oliver received the attention of care Mrs. Bedwin a sweet women. But Mr. Brownlow was amazed for the similarity between a lady portrait with oliver. In the morning the picture was not there. Thenext days were the most happy in the Oliver’s life. Oliver was going to tell his story to Mr. Brownlow when they receive the visit of Mr. Grimwig a old family friend in that oliver offered to deliver and pay some books. But he didn´t expected to be looking for the robbers suddenly Oliver was kidnapped and all your life change again.

chapter 6
half an hour later the stolers take oliver to adark and dirty room, there oliver did everything possible to escape. Oliver tried to escape but at the time the thieves gave him a blow and when he was going to give other Nancy stop it. Charley bates take Oliver to a kitchen, he change him the new clothes for old new rags, oliver was very sad, because he was with the thieves again mr brownlow investigate something about oliver, he and Mrs. bedwinwere disappoint. Oliver was locked up for one week later he could exit and took with the other boys while the thieves were planning a big robbery in the next days and Oliver was inside of these plans.
chapter 7
when oliver woke in the morning, he found a new shoes. At night oliver and nancy went to visit bill, in the way she apologized to oliver for everything that she did for him.in the...
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