Operaciones binarias con hp50g

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HP 50g Operations on binary numbers

The BASE menu Operations on binary numbers Practice performing operations on binary numbers

hp calculators HP 50g Operations on binarynumbers The BASE menu The BASE menu is the ORANGE shifted function of the 3 key and can be accessed by pressing …ã. The screen displays the Base menu containing eleven functions for working with numbersin different bases. The first four functions allow the base to be changed to HEX for hexadecimal base 16 (which is chosen here, showing in reverse letters as choice one), DEC for decimal base 10, OCTfor octal base 8, and BIN for binary base 2. The 50g calls such numbers “binary” even if they are not in base 2. All such numbers are proceeded with the # sign in front of the number. To enter anumber in the current base, press !â before typing in the number.

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Beginning with function five in the menu, there are several functions and sub-menus containing additional functions forworking with binary numbers. Functions five and six convert numbers from real to binary and from binary to real. Choice seven in the menu displays a sub-menu with choices for applying logic functions tobinary numbers. Choice eight displays a sub-menu for working with binary numbers at the binary bit level. Choice nine displays a sub-menu for working with binary numbers at the byte level. Choice tenand choice eleven (not shown in the display below) allow for the selection of the word size. The default word size is 64 bits.

Figure 2

Operations on binary numbers Any binary number, regardlessof the base in which it is displayed, can still be thought of as a collection of 1’s and 0’s. For example, the number 24 in base 10 is also the number 11000 in binary. This is because 11000 in binaryis equal to 1 x 24 + 1 x 23, or 24. The 50g contains many functions in the LOGIC, BINARY and BYTE sub-menus that operate on binary numbers. Many of these functions operate on binary numbers at the...
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