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The Blue Valley High Consulting is a software development company, which has recently been setup. The company has recruited 100 employees. The CEO of the company, Ronald Howard, has allocated the task of setting up the network to Ron Floyd.
Security is a major concern for the company. The employees of the company will be working in teams and therefore, sharingof resources between the members of the team is essential.
Considering the needs of the organization, Ron has identified the following requirements for the network and the operating system:
* The operating system that is installed on the computers over the network should provide both file and user level security.
* The protocol implemented should be fast and universally accepted

Theorganization has also employed a junior network administrator Jeanne Wart who will be assisting Ron in the network setup, Ron has asked Jeanne to implemented the above requirements on a single computer on the network that can be later be replicated to all computers Jeanne has identified the following task have to be conducted:
* Install the operating system
* Configure the network protocol* Test the network connectivity and protocol configuration
* Install a printer and configure it a way such that it can be shared among several users with maximum efficiency.

For easy file management, Ron wants Jeanne to create the following folder structure and ensure security:
* The folder that should be created are project, schedule and review.
* The project folder shouldhave three files called proj1, proj2 and proj3. All the employees should be able to able to view files of the project folder to know the status of various projects.
* The schedule folder should have files called Daily, Weekly, and Monthly that should be accessible only to the individual employees.
* The review folder should have three files called Feedback and monitor, which should beaccessible to all employees for editing.
* The storage capacity of the project, and review folders will be controlled to ensure maximum utilization.
* Two files called Costing and Marketing need to be created to prevent unauthorized access and ensure transfer over the network.
* Regular audit and monitoring of file access and user access have to be conducted.

Ron informs Jeanne thatthe employees will have different access rights. Some employees will have rights, which are different from other employees, and also rights, which are common to all employees. For this purpose, the following user management tasks need to be carried out:

* Creation of users.
* Allocation of individual rights to users.
* Allocation of common rights to users in groups.

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