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I going to present you the main characters and places of the novel

Canterville Chase: The house haunted where the plot is developed: the building and its garden.
The Ghost: it is the ghost of Sir Simon of Canterville.The Ghost has haunted Canterville Chase for hundreds of years. Sir Simon murdered his wife, Lady Eleanore de Canterville in 1575, a badwife. Sir Simon died from hunger, chained by the Eleanore’s brothers, who locked him up in a room to starve to death. The Ghost lives at Canterville Chase since 1584

Lord Canterville. He sells thehaunted house to Otis Family. Sir Simon of Canterville is one of his ancestors (Lord Canterville is descending of Simon of Canterville).

Mr Otis (Hiram B. Otis). He’s an American Ambassador. Hebuys Canterville Chase from Lord Canterville.

Mrs Otis. She’s a beautiful woman. She was Miss Lucretia R. Tappen of West

Washington Otis. He’s the oldest son of the Otis family.

Miss Virginia E.Otis. She was a lovely girl of fifteen and a good sportswoman, she loves to ride horses.

The twins. Two little boys. They liked to play tricks on people and were often punished for them.SECONDARY CHARACTERS

Cecil, Duke of Cheshire. The friend of Virginia. He admire to Virginia. He dreams with Virginia (¿?). At the end, he marries Virginia.

Mrs Umney. The old woman who looked afterthe house of Canterville Chase. She´s the housekeeper of Canterville Chase. She’s an old fearful woman.


In general, I don`t like novels… but I like this novel because, on the one hand,the story is short, the development of the action is quick and with sense of humor, it’s amusing.
On the other hand, there is a critic to the British culture and the American Culture.

For example,the American and the advertising; the American and their materialism… The Otis family combat to an immaterial been, like a Ghost, with famous material products. The Ghost survives the material...
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