Opinion Estatement Essay

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♪ ♫ About music ♪ ♫
I stop for while before starting to write this last opinion essay, I think carefully about my topic: Music. All thisschool year has been full of it and I think about millions of songs and thousands of millions of persons who are connected with those songs, and finally I rememberall the moments that were marked with those songs for each person around the world.
I think of a single word, let´s say: one. And just in an instant I´msinging five songs at a time; ONE time, ONE thing, ONE, love, the ONE that got away, give me ONE chance. I think music is a way in which some persons can expresstheir feelings instead of exploding with all them inside themselves. So, in my opinion music is great either for dancing with some friends, covering a large andbored silenced talk or even for babies to grow and stimulate correctly.
But there´s no only music steps of a little squirrel, the most I like is the relaxing soundof the wind between the leaves of the tall trees. And when you go to bed at night , it´s normal to hear some music from crickets.
Anyway I feel connected andpleased with music. I spend most of my time hearing music. And in my opinion there is no person in the world haven´t singed while he or she is taking a shower.Looking from this point, I think water and music should be tightly connected in some way, maybe they are both from nature, and relaxing, or maybe they just makepeople feel happy and forget all their problems for a minute. When I hear music I feel happy.
Music makes me happy: that is my final opinion about this topic. ♫
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