Organizational behavior and leadership

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Organizational Behavior and Leadership

Many theorists agree that effective leadership is one of the most important resources to overall organizational success.However, what define a leadership or what leaders do to guarantee companies and team to success is less understood. A common understanding is that Leadership is aboutinfluencing people. Common features of a Leader are as follow: visionary thinkers, inspire, motivate, and serve as role models to attain organizational goals. All of thisgotten by working with and through people. Therefore, from the perspective of the organization, organizational leaders are capable of running into different scenarios;as a result; achieving organizational effectiveness, which can be defined as the measure of how well the leader perform.

In my experience, to place a smallentrepreneurship business in the local market, demanded me being as charismatic as possible to keep my team motivated. The tough part was to keep the vision of theorganization’s future constant in the mind of my team. That leaded to improve the communication between us. As a result, our employees started getting ownership of theiroutcomes. Both the head and the team created a partnership environment. Leading to get the market share desired. In fact, with the ambitious of our leaders and the partnershipenvironment, incremental process improvements were applied. We noticed that, it was not only a matter of how well we applied different process, but the trust andpartnership environment that as leaders of the team we create. Empowering our team let us to remove possible performance barriers that could interfere in achieving the goal.
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