Origenes del capitalismo

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1.- What´s your favorite food? Describe it.
My favorite food is pizza with lots of cheese and tomato

2.- Would you like to travel abroad? Where? Why?
I like to travel all over Europe becauseI've always loved small

3.- Have you ever got lost anywhere? Talk about it.
No, I never lost

4.- What kind of music do you prefer? Singer? Band? Why?
I have no preference because I like all kinds5.- Do you like animals? Which one? Why?
If I like the dog because it is a very faithful animal

6.- Have you got any pet? Which one? Describe it
Not to have pets

7.- Do you like sports?Which one? Do you practice any sports? Talk about it.
if I do, I like the gym but not practical

8.- What and where would you like to study when you finished school? Why?
At the University ofAntofagasta, because I like

9.- What is friendship? What can you say about your friends?
The best that can exist, that my friends are always very supportive

10.- What do you like about Chile? Talkabout it.
I like landscapes from north to south

11.- When was the first time that you did some thing that you loved? What was it?

12.- What kind of movies do you like? Why?
I like comedy becausethey are entertaining

13.- What do you do in your free time? On weekends? On vacation?
I go out with my friends, go out with my family and vacation travel

14.- Do you like living inAntofagasta? Why?
If I like living in Antofagasta because I've always lived.

15.- How long have you studied at H.S.S.E.? Talk about it.
I studied four years at school

16.- Why is it important to studyEnglish?
Why is it important to communicate better with other people in other countries

17.- How many cities have you been to yet? Which ones? Talk about them.

18.- What is global warming? Talkabout it causes and effects.
is a gradual increase in temperature in the Earth's atmosphere and oceans in recent decades recorded

19.- How do you get along with your parents. Talk about it....
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