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09/03/2012 TITULO(Be temperament) 5th “A”

Thesis Statement: Temperament is the reactive conformation of an individual, spontaneous aspect of his personality. It comes from thecombination of features provisions issued by his appetites, emotions and moods.
I. Not consume drugs: the drug is a mode for some people of different economic societies and cultural break out of theeveryday reality in their lives.
A. Malignant drugs are bad as the name says but there are people who say that it is not the case and they eat them because they say they feel better or that they arehappy to do so, but do not actually know what being a physical damage. Many types of drugs, among them are:
1. Cocaine when a person try cocaine, you can't stop drinking, cocaine can eat through theaspiration or inhalation.
2. Marijuana there are several ways of consuming marijuana: through the cigarette, vaporizer and cannabis cakes.
3. Heroin it is extracted from opium. Ingested by injection.II. The side effects of drugs: is easy to recognize a person which this tied to drugs, they can be seen to the naked eye as also are making long-term changes, all depending on the regularity ofconsumption that the individual takes.
A. changes at a glance: in some cases can be seen as warning that a person is prone to the drug, that you can not always say exactly what that person this tied tothe drug, in the majority of cases the individual may:
1. Suffer from tremors.
2. Look sleepy.
3. Nervous breakdowns.
4. Food disorders.
B. long-term changes: must take into account not only theindividual is doing damage if same, but also that impact on the lives of their loved ones and friends, in this stage can be seen:
1. Deterioration in the skin
2. Breakdown of personal relationships3. Decay in performance of work or study
4. Economic and social problems
III. Alcohol is a central nervous system air substance; In addition to have effect on the brain and vary some of their...
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