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Name: Joseph Prado.

My personal Hero.

When I said hero, I think in people with wonderful powers, resolving the problems in the society that they are included, and for this reason,people in the movies or stories, are the heroes. But, this the idea, people with powers, it doesn’t matter of the hero exist or not exist, if they are real or not. The idea is that, this people have ourdreams, they are showing in their life, they way that we can follow, to be an amazing new people. And this is true, because, if I ask children for, who is your hero, they answered to me, Batman,Superman, and the other Hollywood heroes, the teenagers maybe they said me, people real, for example, their musician or actor or scientist, people who inspires to be wonderful people. And the adultpeople, they said me, that they don’t have a hero, or maybe yes, but, in this age, people are more realistic.

Well, my personal definition of a hero is:

Humble, because they have to think, that nobodyis more or less that the other people. They have to be neutral, and have a collective thought.

Always there, because for this reason, they are heroes, they have this magical power to help usalways, in every situation.

Helpful, because if the hero isn’t helpful, they not a person to follow, because is an individual person with individual goals.

Strong, because if they are heroes, isfor the strongly moo, that they have for take risks, or resolve situations.

And for this reason I have my personal hero, I consider, that I doesn’t have only one, because my heroes has thecharacteristics that I said before. And other features that are specific in each person.

My parents, my brothers, my girlfriend, and my friends. They are my heroes.

And my global hero, I was thinking allthe time, who is my Global Hero? And yesterday I have I resolve this situation.

The reason for I don’t choose a human hero, is that, If the people That I considerer like a really hero, maybe I...
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