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Maturing and Adaptation:
English Literary Essay
Once Henri Bergson said that: “To exist is to change, to change is to mature, to mature is to go on creating oneself endlessly.” In that sentence,he means that humans are always maturing and adapting to the new situations that they have to come through. Each human is different, in other words, humans behave, dress and talk in different ways andall those things are determined by how that particular human’s lifetime has developed. The novel Slaughterhouse-Five is a science-fiction novel written by Kurt Vonnegut and published in 1969. In thisbook the reader comes to appreciate the different horrors of war and how the protagonist, Billy Pilgrim, changes and adapts to the different experiences that he has undergone. The book Flowers forAlgernon is a science-fiction story written by Daniel Keyes and published in 1959. In this one the reader comes to appreciate how Charlie, a retarded man and the main character, undergoes through a brainsurgery, and during the book he gets smarter and smarter, but he is less emotionally mature. The last novel is The Bean Trees, it is a dramatic-fiction story written by Barbara Kingsolver andpublished in 1988. In this book the protagonist, Taylor Greer, is a young girl who wants to become independent and goes to Tucson where she will adapt to the different situations that she will have toovercome. Three ways which illuminate that humans are continuously maturing and adapting are that in Flowers for Algernon Charlie gets mature in some ways, but in others he becomes immature, inSlaughterhouse-Five Billy Pilgrim adapts to the new conditions that he has to undergoes due to the war that he has been involved and, in The Bean Trees, Taylor becomes more mature in all senses of the wordbecause of the different experiences that she goes through after becoming an independent person. It will be made clear from these examples, that as humans mature, we do so in different ways; and, these...
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