Overview of program evaluation

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Overview of Program Evaluation
Grace A. Malave Morales
HCS 549
Qiana Butler, MPH

Overview of Program Evaluation
            The evaluation are a widely used tool today by differenttypes organizations to meet the needs of a community through the delivery of quality services.  Many types of evaluations exists which are aimed at made expectations by the organizations.  Someevaluations are performed only to serve the own organizations interest contrary to other organizations which their first interest is the target in need. 
            There are evaluators internal and externalthat can perform different types of assessments.  When they are powered by an internal evaluator has the advantage that is involved in the delivery of these services while the external evaluator isoutside of the delivery of these services.  With a good communication between the evaluator and the staff who will provide the services reliable information may collected by the evaluator.
Purpose ofProgram Evaluation
Evaluations are important to any organization who wants to offer a good quality services to the community. Posavac and Carey (2007) emphasized the purpose of evaluator:
There isonly one overall purpose for program evaluation activities: contributing to the provision of quality services to people in need. Program evaluation contributes to quality services by providing feedbackfrom program activities and outcomes to those who can make changes in programs or who decide which services are to be offered. (para. 49)
            The evaluations identify strengths and weaknessesof the program to be implemented or existing.  The evaluations are used by the organizations for a guarantee that the implemented programs comply with the objectives and mission of the Organizationthrough arrive at excellent results.  When evaluating programs can identify problems and fix them; another way in which the evaluation aid is in the allocation of its resources.  Effective evaluation...
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