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I was a former volunteer 10 years ago. I took the decision trying to flee from my own life, as an important part of people that takes decisions like that. Finally this one turned into one of the mostimportant things in my life. I was working in a school 10 years and I had the great opportunity to take part in one of his educational campaigns in Africa, concretely in Senegal. Really I had thechance of seeing the best things but also the worst one I had never imagined before.

I used to use all the opportunities to talk some sense into people who think that it is a funny and excitingexperience and try to make them see the error of their way. It is something more than an humanitarian help. It is a real change in your mind. Nevertheless I have been recommending that since then. And ifstill you have not done it, do it. You receive much more than you give and finally you realize by the time in your own personal growth. But it is indispensable that you believe, respect and try to fitwith the culture and the people wherever you will go.

Nowadays I am supporting a part-time in all the campaigns that an NGO run along every year,. That consists of former volunteers who runfamiliars campaigns in a school to collect funds. These are designated by building inhabitable houses and new colleges. Also they give summer programs for isolated children.
The staggering resultsencouraged me to commit a long-term alongside the NGO, designing musical festivals to motivate and to imply from early ages

I think that our educational current system has the responsibility of takingpart of the problem generated in the social cohesion. We need to tackle the problem before it gets any worse.
I believe that educational initiatives like learning serve will be able to start solvingthe real problem with the base: the social individualism. We need a breaking change. We need to believe and support opportunities like this to get our children involved in an integrated way by...
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