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Argentina is a beautiful country. Its capital is Buenos Aires as their traditional dance is the Tango. This country has a great similarity with Spain, in the part ofTango. Its meals are succulents but are very different from ours. It also has a wide variety of fields, museums and has mausoleum. I loved watching this video and if I dare to visitArgentina.

From: Grechean J. Perez Rivera

To: Ronald Ferguson

Subject: Help! My students have some questions for you.

Hi! Mr.Ferguson. My name is Grechean and will answer, you question with pleasure.

1. What do people usually eat for breakfast here?

The people usually eat for breakfast here is pancake,eggs, beacon, sandwich with ham and cheese, orange juicy and coffee.

2. Do you have pizza and hamburger restaurant?

I have pizza and hamburger restaurant popular, its nameMcDonald’s, Pizza Hut, etc.

3. What are some traditional dishes we can try?

Some traditional dishes we can try is rice, beans and chicken, “frituras” (alcapurias, bacalaitos,piononos), this meals delicious.

4. Is here a staple food that people eat every day?

Here a staple food that people eat every day, usually rice and beans, change the meat.5. What are some good things to eat for lunch and dinner?

Some good things to eat for lunch and dinner are fast food restaurant.

I hope that answers are usefulfor you and your students. I hope with them, passing a nice day.

Universidad del este

Esc. Ciencia Sociales Y Humanas

Recinto CarolinaEmail Mr. Ferguson

Paragraph Argentina

Grechean J. Perez Rivera

Kathleen Shaw

English 115

TR- 8:30/11:00 AM
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