Peace bulding

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Peace Building Plan
According to what we have studied about the case of Chechnya we believe the best option for Chechnya to find peace is to strength forces between the separatist group and theMuslims to face Russia’s challenge to recover the political power over the territory were they believe are from. This is because we consider that the issue will not be solved through governments but thecivil society.
In order to achieve this, there are several stages that must be followed however we will just define punctually the first one because this one is the key for the others to beapplied. If the first one is well achieved the other stages proposed should be completed and followed. Although it seems to be utopian, it could be reachable because we are not limiting the way they reachtheir objectives but the “group” that instead of being separated and fighting the same war without getting anywhere. Each and every stage should be followed by the media to inform the efforts theyare doing. The stages should be also applied to schools where the main intellectual prominent minds are. This will help them to create new positive stereotypes about their differences among children,hoping they will grow up with more tolerance and the capacity to produce solutions for the country without personal interests.

Stage 1 (internal)

1. International neutral leaders or actors ororganizations should find a place where to establish forums to confront main leaders of separatists and Muslims to start trying to make them follow the same path to achieve the equal objective insteadof the Muslims to keep trying only through terrorism.

2. Create integration dynamics to get to know personal interests and worries about the country from each side. The one we propose is MuzaferSherif which establishes supra-organized goals to integrate 2 groups with different ways of thinking.

3. Establish weakness and strengths of both, separatists and Muslims and recognize...
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