Peer Pressure

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Have you ever been affected by the actions your friends forced or encouraged you to do? Does that actions helped you? Or it harmed you? When we talk about peer pressure we always head tothe bad side of the subject. But, there are four varieties of peer pressure and you will identify at least one that had an effect on your life.

The spoken peer pressure happens whenthere is a verbal influence by the peers to a teenager. The teenager being influenced observes that their lifestyles are “more attractive” than his or her lifestyle, and attempts to be acceptedby the other peers.

The unspoken peer pressure takes place with the example of the other peers. The peers do actions that look attractive and ambitious because everyone is doing that,so the teenager sees that everyone’s doing it so the peers influence him.

The negative peer pressure, the one that challenges your conscious skills to analyze situations and risks totake. What happens in the negative situation is when peers are seen to 'dare' a teen to do something dangerous, sometimes can ruin your life. This is the kind of peer pressure that makes theteen to decide which path is he or she going to take.

The positive peer pressure, peer pressure not always lead to a negative side, sometime peer pressure help. Sometimes, it may teach newhobbies, sporting spirit, health conscience or a determination to succeed in life among teenagers themselves.

Some of best ways to protect teenagers against peer pressure is to teachthem at a very young age, to make decisions on their own. When a person can identify the negative part of getting influenced by his peers, only then will he be able to protect himself. Peerpressure could be good or bad, it all depends on what image do you create and how a teen sees it. In my case peer pressure had a first-and-only shot, because I knew which path I should take.
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