People Should Stop Using Plastics And Styrofoam

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Kathleen I. Medina Castillo
English 125 Section 137
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People Should Stop Using Plastics and Styrofoam
Do you want the world to die slowly? Do you like having health problems relatedto pollution and nasty chemicals? Do you have plastic and Styrofoam products in your home? Plastic and Styrofoam contributes to the destruction of the world as a whole; that’s why the manufacture andthe use of these products should stop.
One of the reasons why we should stop is that plastic and Styrofoam products are bad for the environment. According to the Earth Resource Foundation,manufacturing these products creates a large amount of hazardous waste and pollutes the air. It creates even more pollution recycling, than making them and what is worse is that it takes hundreds -eventhousands- of years to decompose. All of that pollution contributes to the depletion of the ozone layer.
Another reason is all the dangerous chemicals that these products contain. BPA in plastic andstyrene in Styrofoam can cause cancer, affect the central nervous system and cause other problems to our health. The chemicals can also seep into the ground and ocean causing genetic and health problems toanimals. Consumption of these animals that are affected can also affect those who are not affected.
The hazard to children and animals is enormous. Besides causing health problems, small children andanimals can choke and/or suffocate on Styrofoam “peanuts” (used for packaging) and plastic. Animals can get tangled and cut with plastic used for holding soda cans. Also thousands of marine animalsdie each year by eating plastic bags which are often mistaken for jellyfish.
As we have seen hundreds of times: plastic and Styrofoam is bad for our health and the environment. That’s why we shouldstop its manufacture and use. We should be more conscious and start protecting our health and our planet by halting the production of these dangerous materials and looking for better alternatives...
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