Perioperative Considerations For Patient Safety During

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Perioperative considerations for patient safety during
cosmetic surgery – preventing complications
Warren A Ellsworth MD1, C Bob Basu MD MPH2, Ronald E Iverson MD3
WA Ellsworth, CB Basu, REIverson. Perioperative considerations
for patient safety during cosmetic surgery – preventing complications.
Can J Plast Surg 2009;17(1):9-16
Maintaining patient safety in the operating room is a majorconcern of
surgeons, hospitals and surgical facilities. Circumventing preventable complications
is essential, and pressure to avoid these complications in cosmetic
surgery is increasing.Traditionally, nursing and anesthesia staff have
managed patient positioning and safety issues in the operating room. As
the number of office-based procedures in the plastic surgeon’s practice
increases,understanding and implementing patient safety guidelines by the
plastic surgeon is of increasing importance.
A review of the Joint Commission’s Universal Protocol highlights requirements
set forth toprevent perioperative complications. In the present
paper, the importance of implementing these guidelines into the cosmetic
surgery practice is reviewed. Key aspects of patient safety in theoperating
room are outlined, including patient positioning, ocular protection and
other issues essential for minimization of postoperative morbidity.
Additionally, as the demand for body contouringsurgery in the cosmetic
practice continues to increase, special attention to safety considerations
specific to the obese and massive weight loss patients is mandatory.
After review of the present paper,the reader should be able to introduce
the Joint Commission’s Universal Protocol into their daily practice. The
reader will understand key aspects of patient positioning, airway management
andocular protection in cosmetic surgery. Finally, the reader will
have a better understanding of the perioperative care of unique populations
including the morbidly obese, massive weight loss patients...
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