Perishable and non perishable

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The Perishable and Non Perishable products are a very important aspect inside the Food and Beverage area. The appropriate care of these products will ensurea better quality and hygiene in our food, preventing the emergence of illnesses.
 Perishable foods are those that begin a breakdown easily. Agents such as temperature, humidity, and pressure arecrucial for the food begins to deteriorate. Most perishable foods are milk, dairy products, meat, vegetables, eggs, and fish.
 Semi-perishable foods are those that remain free of decay for longer.Examples are the tubers, nuts, and canned foods. These foods can be stored at room temperature if not too extreme.
 Non-perishable foods do not deteriorate by any of the above factors (humidity,temperature, and pressure), but depends on other factors such as sudden pollution, poor management of it, accidents, and other conditions that are not determined by it. Examples are meals, pasta andsugar, which are considered impaired once stir with a pollutant or start their decomposition after cooking
The reception of food will be careful, checking its odor and appearance.Discarding those foods with hazardous conditions.
 The reception is better if it is in the early hours. Caring for your disposal, transportation and storage.
 Stability in delivery, as agreed upondates and times.
 State update of documentation to be delivered by hand once a merchandise arrives.
 Match products, terms and amounts by weight or units ordered in accordance with the purchase. Conditions in which the goods are transported for delivery, and technical condition of transportation.
 Evaluation of lots of products at random to determine the status of the goods.
STORAGE PEPS or FIFO (first in first out): *
- It´s the most important method because can always use the most time consuming and prevents stored items expire.
 Dry storage items:
- Don´t store food...
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