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Juan Perón
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Perón, Juan [Credit: Courtesy of the OAS (Columbus Memorial Library)]

Juan Perón, in full Juan Domingo Perón (born Oct. 8, 1895,Lobos, Buenos Aires provincia, Argentina—died July 1, 1974, Buenos Aires), army colonel who became president of Argentina (1946–52, 1952–55, 1973–74) and was founder and leader of the Peronistmovement.
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Early life and career

Perón in his career was in many ways typical of the upwardly mobile, lower-middle-class youth of Argentina. He entered military school at 16 and madesomewhat better than average progress through the officer ranks. A strongly built six-foot-tall youth, Perón became the champion fencer of the army and a fine skier and boxer. He served in Chile as amilitary attaché and travelled to Italy to observe the rise of the Fascists and Nazis during 1938–40. He had a bent for history and political philosophy and published in those fields.

Perón returnedto Argentina in 1941, used his acquired knowledge to achieve the rank of colonel, and joined the United Officers Group (Grupo de Oficiales Unidos; GOU), a secret military lodge that engineered the 1943coup that overthrew the ineffective civilian government of Argentina. The military regimes of the following three years came increasingly under the influence of Perón, who had shrewdly requested forhimself only the minor post of secretary of labour and social welfare. In 1944, however, as a protégé of Pres. Gen. Edelmiro J. Farrell (1944–46), Perón became minister of war and then vice president.Clearly he was bidding for undisputed power, based on the support of the underprivileged labourers (the descamisados, or “shirtless ones”) and on his popularity and authority in the army.
Table OfContents
Marriage to Eva Duarte

In early October 1945, Perón was ousted from his positions by a coup of rival army and navy officers. But associates in the labour unions rallied the workers of...
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