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Reading Guide
A Room of One´s Own  by Virginia Woolf
1- What effect does poverty have on the mind? pp.21-24 What does  tradition or the lack of it have on the writer? p.25 What effect doespoverty have on fiction? 
She is very intesrested in money. For her money makes the difference beacuse if you have money you can become independet. She says that a woman needs money and a room of herown if she is to write fiction.

2- Why are powerful and wealthy men angry in England´s patriarchal society? pp.33-36
Rich people are often angry because they suspect that the poor want to seizetheir wealth.

3-Women are compared to looking-glasses. What is the purpose of the comparison? p. 35
because they reflect the figure of man at twice its natural size. “That is why Napoleon andMussolini insisted on the inferiority of women, for if they were not inferior the would cease to enlarge. That serves to explainin part the necessity that women so often are to man”

4- What is theimportance of telling the truth or keeping it untold p.36
For if she tells the truth , the figure in the looking glass shrinks, his fitness for life is diminished. The looking-glass vision is of supremeimportance because it charges the vitality; it stimulates the nervous system. Take it away and man may die, like the drug fiend deprived of his cocaine.

5- What´s the importance of the legacy thenarrator received? p.37-38
Money is very important for her because she could be independent. Before that she worked like a slave to earn money.

6- What is, in your view, the main idea in chapter 2?Money is very important for women to be independent

7-How effective is the use of Shakespeare´s imaginary sister to describe what women´s lives were like in Elizabethan times?  pp.46-47-48. Whatconclusions does she reach with regard to the destiny of a talented woman in the 16th C?pp. 49-50-51

Shakespeare himself went to the grammar school, where he may have learnt latin and the elements...
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