Pirates of the silicon valley

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Daniela Ramírez Peláez

This movie start with two friends Steve Jobs and Wozniak (Woz), they think of a very good idea, which is to create a personal computer basedin punch cards, then I can see i in the movie how they perforated the cards carefully, despite the first demonstration the computer was burned, they did not give up and did their best to reach andachieve their goals, the first prototype was sold at a fair of Science and Technology for a very low cost. With this incentive, the two friends continued to improve their designs, always adjusting themwith better parts and good quality.
Steve Wozniak, that offered Apple I to HP, and here we can see when Wozniak show the desire that HP will not accept the product, so that then he and Jobs coulddevelop it and sell it themselves. They traveled to many places and the answer was the same, entrepreneurs seemed something funny and unimportant to finance a computer for ordinary people like them.Also it did not matter to these two friends and after much struggle and strive at last they managed to finance this achieving to build Apple Computer Inc, a company which day by day, grew rapidly andwas one of the most important.
The designs that they did were improved, new parts included, among these is that adapted a mouse to control everything to do the computer, the name was Lisa and wascalled in honor of the daughter of Steve Jobs, but they changed the name of this computer.
Steve shows when he tells his girlfriend he will reject her future daughter in an interview, and that for hisfame and money becomes no humanity or respect for others.
When Steve's daughter born, he will visit out of curiosity and to make sure that does not have a horrible name. They decide to named her Liza,and Steve wants to put a computer that name, but then repents, and does not.
Then there was Bill Gates (who is part of the Microsoft company), which was looking for an operating system, he also...
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