Plagio en el colegio

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Last class, when we started to talk about cheating and its different ways, “The Emperor’s club” movie, immediately come to my mind. This movie faces the viewers to questionwhether is ever justify cheating, and if so under what circumstances?

The story is about a 15 years old rebel student (Sedgwick), son of a politician, in desperate need of attention, who always takesthe easy way out; and his history teacher, who perceived the lack of paternal attention, and tries to get in touch and pursue him to take school seriously.

Sedgwick improved significantly, so histeacher decided to invite him to a competition on knowledge of Roman History. Even though, as I said, he had improved a lot and achieved good grades, he cheated on the contest, mostly because of thepressure of his father. Because the teacher noticed the situation, both the cheating and the pressure, didn’t accuse Sedgwick but didn’t let him winning either, asking him a very difficult question,which he wouldn’t be able to answer.

There is a very famous saying from Pearl Bailey: “The first and worst of all frauds is to cheat one's self. All sin is easy after that.”

I agree with him, andalso think that cheating on us is as sad as feeling pity of ourselves, or as believing we are incapable of achieving anything on our own; in addition to this if you get caught you could be throwing awayyour reputation, in college, in your work, and ruin all the efforts you have already done.

But here is the other side of this matter: the parents who expect high levels of achievement, and puttheir sons under too much pressure, in a way that they have to rely on cheating in order to get these exceptional grades.

Would this justify an unethical behavior? In my opinion, no... Eventually wewill have to face much more difficult situations than college grades on our own, and if we don’t have strong enough values learned in our academic days, it’s going to be extremely hard to get...
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