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test plan: EJB Module validation
Validation on J2EE modules can be manual or automatic. To run it manually you need to select the J2EE module, right click and select Run Validation on the pop up menu. The automatic validation is triggered during a full build or an incremental build if auto build preference is turned on there is delta i.e a change in one of theresources in the modules. The validators that are registered to run on a J2EE module can be seen on the validation properties page.


The EJB Validator validates J2EE 1.2, 1.3 and 1.4 specification artifacts and other artifacts that are related to the workbench for EJB modules or an EJB Jar(jar) archives. For each of the validated scenario if an error condition is found the validatorputs out a Error, Warning or Informational message in the problems view based on the severity of the error condition. Here are the list of artifacts and how to validate these artifacts.

Test EJB 1.1 Validation
Download the following jar ValidationEJBTestBeans_updated.jar. Navigate via the browse button and select this jar from disk. Keep the default Project Name, select your Target runtime,and click finish.
Increase the maximum number of validation messages to 200 on ValidationEJBTestBeans project or in the Validation Preferences. Then "Run Validation".
Click on the Description title in the Tasks view to alphabetically sort the validation errors.
Verify that at least all of the following errors are in the Tasks view. Multiple occurrances of some errors are expected.
Clicking onone validation error at a time will take you to the offending lines of java. Comments in the code will tell you how to correct the errors. Make the corrections, save the file, and verify that the validation error is removed. (NOTE: Beacuse many validation errors can result due to a single implanted error, many java files will contain errors without nearby comments to tell you how to fix them. Whenyou encounter these commentless errors, move onto the next error and eventually fixing the commented errors will clean up all of the commentless errors.)
If you want to highlight all of the comments that explain how to fix the defects, add a new Java Task. (Window > Preferences > Java > Task Tags. Add "CHKJ" (case-sensitive). When a dialog asks if you want to rebuild now, say yes.
Refactor theclasses in this file. Start by opening the Package Explorer View (Window > Show View > Other > Java > Package Explorer).
Create a new package. (Highlight "ejbModule", right-click, New > Other > Java > Package > "test", Finish.)
Expand the "ejbModule" folder in the EJB project, highlight all of the .java files, right-click, "Refactor" > "Move". Choose the "test" package that you just created,"OK".
You will see errors reported against ejb-jar.xml because the file refers to the old class names. Update every class name so that it's fully qualified.
This test case passes if all of the messages disappear when they are supposed to and if there are no internal errors (e.g., NPE).

Test EJB MDB 2.1 Validation

Instructions to Tester
Turn the global message maximum to 150. (Window >Preferences > Validation > set maximum to 150 > OK.)
Filter the tasks so that it shows only the errors on one project at a time. (Launch the Tasks View Filter wizard, select "on any resource in same project".)
Leave auto-validation on and fix each error. Verify that once all of the expected errors/warnings/infos are fixed, no messages remain in the tasks view.
You do not need to check that eachexpected validation message is present because the automatic BVT checks for that.
The test case passes if no unwanted messages remain and there are no internal errors. Test case passes with defect if minor problems (e.g., UI glitch) is noticed.

a. Create a 2.1 JMS MDB bean with standard Activation Config Properties i.e (Acknowledgement mode, Destination and Durability)
b. Change the value...
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