Planet 51

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Film project : “ PLANET 51 ”

Before watching

1) Do you like films about aliens?
2) Do you think there is life in other planets?
3) If so,What do those people look like?(physically)
4) Whatare they like? (personality)

While watching

A) Who are the characters? Match with arrows.

1- Charles Baker
“Chuck” a) The military boss
2- Lemb) Lem´s best friend
3- Rover c) the young girl
4- Skiff d) the astronaut
5- Neera e)the alien expert
6- Eckle f) the young boy
7- Glar g) the robot dog
8- General Grawl h) the hippie singer
9-Professor Kipple i) the little boy

B) Answer the questions

1- What did people from Planet 51 look like? Describe them.
2- What nationality was Chuck?
3- Where did he land in theplanet?
4- How old was Lem?
5- Who did Lem like?
6- Did she like him?
7- What relationship did Neera and Eckle have?
8- Where did they live?
9- Where did Lem and Skiff work?
10- What did Skiff andEckle like very much?
11- What was the name of the film they want to see?
12-Where did the military experiment with the aliens?
13- What decade were the people from Planet 51 in?
14- Who helpedChuck?
15- Where did Lem hide Chuck?
16- Could Chuck come back to his planet?
17- Did he come back alone? Who did he come back with?
18- Who decided to stay in Planet 51 and live there?
19- Whathappened with Neera and Lem at the end?

C) Complete with a suitable word.

1- In Planet 51 people were scared of an ……………… invasion.

2- When Chuck met the inhabitants of Planet 51 he shouted and…………… away.
3- In Planet 51 people...
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