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Partner Solution Plan

IMPRA Servicios de Consultoria
ADDRESS: Insurgentes Sur 1685
Federal District, Federal District
01020 MEX
PSP Engagement Type Engage
TEL: 55 56632882 DATE:9/13/2007 7:08:27 AM
FAX: PLANNING PERIOD: May, 2007 - June, 2009
INTERNET: http://www.imprasc.com/ CREATED BY: NORTHAMERICA\lulepine

This Partner Solution Plan (PSP) setsout the objectives of the collaboration between Microsoft and IMPRA Servicios de Consultoria. The plan is based on information provided by the parties and on the prevailing business conditions ANDIT IS NON-BINDING.

This document is confidential between Microsoft, its affiliates and IMPRA Servicios de Consultoria and must not be disclosed to any other parties.
Notwithstanding the use of theterms "partner" and "partnership" in the PSP program and the business plan, neither Microsoft nor IMPRA Servicios de Consultoria is entitled to act, incur any liability, make any representation orenter into any commitment or contractual arrangement for and on behalf of the other party, without the prior written approval of the other party.

The purpose of the PSP is to help Microsoft and IMPRAServicios de Consultoria drive product and services revenue through a 2-way sales & delivery commitment in a preferred (but non-exclusive) partnership. The PSP defines the activities and investmentsthat Microsoft and IMPRA Servicios de Consultoria will jointly undertake to achieve shared goals. These include sales-led commitments, dedicated training, co-marketing resources and securedjoint-commitments at all levels. The PSP also sets out the sales and technical teams of the partnership. Microsoft and IMPRA Servicios de Consultoria will jointly develop one or many solution plans each ofwhich are aligned to a specific Microsoft GTM or industry solution scenario. The value proposition of the partnership is articulated in the overall business plan core data.

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