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The journal

Because of the mistakes made in the accounts is used that includes journal debit and credit accounts that are used in an operation.

The journal serves to collect on a daily ormonthly totals (at most) the operations of the company provided that the daily detail displayed in other ledgers. Is mandatory.

To record transactions using seats. consisting of: Part debtor in whichrecords the amount and denomination of the bills that have been loaded and secured party which is recorded in the accounts and the amount thereof to be paid. In any seat the debtor is equal to thecreditor.


Once drafted the relevant entries in the journal spends the same amount of the accounts affected, but such accounts are general ledger, which is not mandatory but useful forunderstanding the evolution of each account.

In the largest, each account includes a folio comprising 2 pag. on the left to the debit and the right to be. Didactic purposes, however each account isrepresented by T is not if not the form of book that is located.

book inventory and annual accounts

Compelling book, which lists the assets, rights and obligations that constitute its assets in a giventime as well as develop their annual accounts that let us know what the economic situation of the company.

This book opens with the initial inventory. Balances are held quarterly check amounts andbalances and the end of each fiscal year shall be recorded in the balance sheet, the profit and loss account and memory.

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As the name suggests the purpose of the trial balance is to ensure that the seats have been recorded in the daily journal and then the amount of accounts involving thegeneral ledger.

To prepare the trial balance must start from the general ledger which details the amounts of debit and credit of each of the accounts. A trial balance contains all of the...
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