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Yihweth Ponce De Leon

Civics 4th hour

Waller, Hardin,

15 October 2012

The Eight Amendment.

We all know about the amendments. But do we really know exactly what all of them mean?Don’t worry this is not a test I am here to explain The Eight Amendment. You might say that why is The Eight Amendment so important well lets say that that there is a serial killer on the lose and thepolice find him in you house and when in jail the police set his bail at one dollar you would not want that. Or lets say someone stole something and it was a candy or some thing insignificant but thepolice and the court come to the agreement to put that person in death penalty. Would you like to see that happen well if the eight Amendment was not put into place we would see this happening everyday and every time different punishments.

The Eight Amendment was ratified or put into place in 1791 and it is till in affect now in 2012 that over 200 years that this law has affected in howthe authorities decide how to punish a criminal in the correct from according to how serious that offence was the eight amendment also protects from curl and unusual punishment like cutting off you leftear or hand for breaking a law. The amendment was ratified in a court case The United States Of America vs. Hypotholite witch the U.S. won.

Well if the eight amendment did all of that itmight as well not kill prisoners that committed a serious offence like murder or treason or terrorism that brought up a big controversy a wondering if that death penalty was unconstitutional this lasteduntil another court case the U.S against its own people that is pretty serious stuff if people are their own country in trial after years of debate and intense fighting for a cause the people of theUnited Sates Of America came to the declaration on date 1979 that death penalty was constitutional and that depending on the state and how the people in that state felt about killing the worst of...
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