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Delegation: Federal Republic of Germany
Topic: Non-Proliferation Treaty effectiveness and reform

The Republic of Germany is an open minded state, open to democracy, to development, a countryunified from the fall of the Soviet Union. It recovers the values of freedom, private property and respect towards the different forms from policy.

Germany is one of the 187 countries that havesigned or ratified the Non-Proliferation Treaty. Even though Germany is part of the treaty, it is a Non-Nuclear Weapon State, which means that the country does not have access to nuclear weapons.World’s military expenditures are worrying. In 1989, they pointed at over $1 trillion. After a period of decline, it has begun to increase, reaching $780 billion in 1999. Today, 80 per cent of theworld’s expenditure on armaments is on conventional weapons and weapons systems. Germany accounts for approximately 4 per cent of the world’s total arms production.
The government of the FederalRepublic of Germany, respecting the established articles that are stated on the Nuclear Non – Proliferation Treaty, considers that the civilian nuclear energy must not be misused for military purposes,since anyone who handles the fuel cycle had the option of developing a weapons programme.

Germany Affirms:
1 – The importance of arms control to gain peace.

2 – The right to use nuclearenergy for peaceful purposes. This energy must not be used for military purposes.

A critical assessment must be made of nuclear disarmament. This is why Germany Proposes:

A - The plan of a worldfree from the nuclear weapon threat, but the state must be aware that the elimination of those weapons must be done step by step.

B – Ensure that states stand by their non-proliferationcommitments and bring new momentum to nuclear disarmament.

C – Nuclear Weapon States must reaffirm their unequivocal undertaking to that process and back that up with confidence-building steps and real...
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