Preposiciones, Comparaciones y Pasado Simple

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1. Preposiciones de tiempo y de lugar
Las preposiciones en inglés se pueden clasificar en: Preposiciones de lugar, preposiciones de tiempo, preposiciones de dirección, etc. Las preposiciones sonpalabras que relacionan los elementos de una oración.
1. The ball is IN the box
2. The cat is ON the chair
3. My boyfriend is IN FRONT OF my house
4. My comb is BEHIND the closet
5. TheChristmas tree IS NEXT TO the manger
6. I have a meeting AT 3:00 o`clock
7. Your pencil is UNDER the desk
8. The keys are IN the shelves OVER the fridge
9. I’ll see you AT 12:30 pm to have lunch10. The computer is in front of me

2. Comparaciones de Igualdad

1. Luis is AS tall AS Camilo
2. Diana is NOT SO beautiful AS Luisa
3. This is NOT AS easy AS you think
4. They donot drink AS MUCH beer AS him
5. I have not read AS MANY books AS you think
6. Mary has THE SAME age AS Jane

Comparaciones de Desigualdad

7. Today is HOTTER THAN yesterday
8. Theylaugh LESS FEQUENTLY THAN we do
9. Paris is OLDER THAN New York
10. Lucia is a BETTER student THAN Lina
11. Chinese is much MORE DIFFICULT THAN English
12. I am a bit TALLER THAN she is
13.Those trees are much STRONGER THAN these
14. It was much LESS interesting THAN I thought

3. Pasado simple
El pasado simple funciona de manera similar al Presente simple, salvo que empleamos elauxiliar 'did' para todas las personas (incluida la tercera persona singular 'he/she/it'). En la forma afirmativa, el auxiliar 'did' no aparece, empleando en su lugar la terminación 'ed'. Esta es la formade pasado para todos los 'Verbos Regulares'
1. I bought this car last year
2. They used pencils and paper
3. They never drank alcohol
4. If I saw her, I should speak to her
5. Did heplay soccer?
6. He did not play at all
7. She ate a lot last night
8. We were at the hotel last week
9. I didn’t do my homework last night
10. He played soccer last summer

4. Pasado continuo...
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