Pride and prejudice by jane austen

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Pride and prejudice by jane austen
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Pride and prejudice by jane austen is a novel based on 1813 period were all attitudeswere taken in account. Jane Austen is expressing her criticism against the social attitude to love and marriage, and the attitudes of men and women towards each other. For instance, Elizabeth is againstmarriage, as a business transaction. She is against marriage that has too little to do with love and too much to do with man’s income. Another example is Mrs. Bennet, in her desire to marry oof herfive daughters, represents this attitude of “practicality”, while Charlotte Lucas represents the kind of girl who goes along with in. Austen’s criticism of the attitude to love and marriage is reallyreflected with Jane and Bingley that they love each other but Mom wants to marry her because of the money. Elizabeth along the novel had many important changes about this because, first she see themarriage as a business transaction, then when she knew Darcy it doesn’t matter the money and the love, but finishing the novel she marry Darcy because of love.

At that period you have to be so carefulbecause of some aspects,. The traditions were that when there is a man he must be in want of a wife, and if one family wanted to meet this man the father had to go to this house and talk and alsoalways when someone you meet for the first time always you had to returned the visit but also they went to Bingley’s house at Netherfield. As there were so low connections and a few opportunities ofmeeting people of the high society other daughters gave everything and do everything only to meet this people.

In my opinion i think that the people at that time care so much about appearance about aperson and not her or his attitudes, and marriages only exist because of money, love doesn’t exist, a few persons marry because of love and there are some women that who marry not because of love...
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