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Water Pollution Problems

Do you know if the water that you drink is healthy and clean? The Earth is three quarters of water and only one percent of that wateris potable. It looks like the water is never going to finish but the true is other. The water Pollution is a big problem nowadays; it’s affecting the environment and thehealth of all living things.

The water is the most important thing to live. There many ways to prevent more pollution in it and many of them are very easy. Themore easy way to avoid more problems is recycle. The recycle has a lot of profits but the most important is avoiding pollution.

Other solutions come from thegovernment. It has made some laws to protect aquifers and other deposits of potable water. Industries have been reduce his dump into water and many others law help to keepcleans the water; be salty or sweet water, it must be keep clean.

There are many non-governmental projects and companies that are providing different ways to solvethe problem. The companies make campaign to improve uses of water and alternatives ways to clean it in an easy way.

Regardless all are very good ways to solvethe problem like in all the problems the best way to solve something is the prevention of that problem. If we use the water correctly the problem would be one thing lessto care about. The water pollution is a big problem but as all it has a solution that we can provide.


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