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I hate leaving my house, so either the store or the corner of it, as there is a girl that whenever I see my house telling me thingsthat bother me I do not like that example you fall ill and things like that now the girls do so to attract attention.
Some times I've wanted totalk and tell him that I did treat me that way, but then I arrepineto and I do not.
All I want is that this situcacion and finish because I donot really feel comfortable. Although not as to terminate all of this.
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Look girl, I would say you told your parents. So theycould talk to her and her parents. And settle differences between the two, that would be best for your welfare, that what she's doing is anabuse against you.

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My opinion is that what you did personally talk with her, and not afraid because it is based onbothering to follow, and you see that does not say anything because she will continue doing. It is best not tell your head to see you are not afraid.Luck
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What I would do if I were you, would sue if minor, because she could reach out to shock you and is better to act rightnow that after seeing the consequences.


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