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It is the main plan because is the guide for execute and monitoring and control the Project. Whom, where, what, how, and when are answered in this document.This document is started at the beginning of planning processes. And it is opened until the end of planning. At the end this plan is a summary of all the results of each phase. The plan is updated,adjusted, reviewed…

Scope statement,
Integration, scope, time, cost, quality, human resources, communication, risk and purchases plans.
Company environment factors
Company assets
TOOLS:Expert Judgement (PMBOK)
Project Management Plan is the one. It is a formal and signed document. It define how to management, executing, and control the project. The PM Plan could containsubsidiaries plans.

PM plan is approved document and knew for all stakeholders. It must to be approved by all parts. It is official contract about how to curry out the project.
Must be signed by:PM, Sponsor, and functional managers (they are responsible to give the resources at project).
This document is responsibility of team project.
PM plan will contain:
1. -Project chapter
2.-Work scope.
3. -Stakeholders needs and expectations
4. -Life cycle choose
5. -How to develop the work:
WBS & dictionary WBS
Network Diagram
6. -Schedule &main milestones.
7. -Foresaw resources.
Responsibility assigned matrix
Resources Schedule
8. -Subsidiary plans: scope, time, cost, quality, human resources, communication,risk, purchase.
9. -Scope, time, cost & quality baselines.
10. -Requirements management plan
11. -Changes management plan
12. -Set up management plan
13. -Continuousprocesses improvement plan.

If it is rightly implemented should improve the project management. We must to planning a project rightly and we also have to ensure during the...
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