Project management

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1-. Where would ideas for new projects and products probably originate in a manufacturing company? What would be the most likely source in an R&D organization such as AT&T laboratories or IBM's Watson Center?

2-. Assume that you work in the design departament of an aerospace firm and you are given the responsibility of selecting a workstation that will be used by each group in thedepartment. How would you find out which systems are available? What basic information would you try to collect on these systems?

3-. How can you extend a polar graph, similar to the one shown fig. 5.2, to the case in which the criteria are individually weighted?

4-. Identify a project that you are planning to pursue either at home or at work. List all of the components, decision points, andchance events. What is the measure of success for the project? Assuming that there is more than one measure, how can you reconcile them?

5-. If you were evaluating a proposal to upgrade the computer-aided design system used by your organization, what type of information would you be looking for in detail?

6-. Which factors in an organization do you think would affect the decision to go aheadwith a project, such as automating a production line, other than the B/C ratio?

7-. For years before beginning the project to build a tunnel under English Channel, Great Britain and France debated the pros and cons. Speculate on the critical issues that were raised.
8-. The project to construct a subway in Washington D.C., began in the early 1970s with the expectation that it would be fullyoperational by 1980. A portion of the system opened in 1977, but as of 2004, approximately 5% remained unfinished. What do you think were the costs, benefits, and risks involved in the original planning? How important was the interest rate used in those calculations? Speculate on who or what was to blame for the lengthy delay in completion.
9-. Where does quality fit into the B/C equation?Identify some companies or products that compete primarily on the basis of quality rather than price.

10-. A software company is undecided on whether it should expand its capacity by using part-time programmers or by hiring more full-time employees. Future demand is the critical factor, which is not known with certainty but can be estimated only as low, medium, or high. Draw a decision tree for thecompany´s problem. What data are needed?

11-. How could B/C analysis be used to help determine the level of subsidy to be paid to the operator of public transportation services in a congested urban area?

12-. Why has the U.S. Department of Defense been the major exponent of C-E analysis? Give you interpretation of what is meant by ''diminishing returns'', and indicate how it might affect adecision on procuring a military system versus an office automation system.
13-. In which type of project does risk play a predominant role? What can be done to mitigate the attendant risks? Pick a specific project and discuss.

1 -. ¿Dónde las ideas para nuevos proyectos y productos, probablemente se originan en una empresa de fabricación?¿Cuál sería la fuente más probable de unaorganización de I + D, tales como los laboratorios de AT & T Center de IBM o de Watson?

2 -. Suponga que usted trabaja en el departamento de diseño de una empresa aeroespacial y se le da la responsabilidad de seleccionar una estación de trabajo que será utilizado por cada grupo en el departamento. ¿Cómo saber qué sistemas están disponibles? ¿Qué información básica se intenta recoger en estos sistemas?3 -. Cómo se puede extender un gráfico polar, similar a la que se muestra la fig. 5,2, para el caso en que los criterios se ponderaron individualmente?

4 -. Identificar un proyecto que está previsto aplicar ya sea en casa o en el trabajo. Haga una lista de todos los componentes, puntos de decisión y eventos fortuitos. ¿Cuál es la medida del éxito para el proyecto? Suponiendo que no es más...
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