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Good morning students and teacher we are the team six and we will present a project about ‘‘shopping for a party’’ and team members are:

3.- Nubia Castellanos Coronado
6.-Eduardo Isaac Cortez Gámez
13.- Crishtian Guadalupe Hernández Medina
28.- Jeniffer Ramos Morales
32.- Salathiel Saldaña Ortiz
38.- Sarahi Zaleta Cruz

The next thing we will present is somethinrelated to them of shopping ond i hape it very much.


N: Hello, how are you?
J: fine thanks and you?
N: fine, you alreadyhave everything for the party?
J: not yet
N: what if we buy whatwe need?
J: ok

J-N: Good morning
S: Good morning can I help you?
N: what banquets do you have for the party?
S: We have these packages: hamburguers with fries, sandwiches and pizza. And dishessuch as chicken casserole with spaghetti green and mashed pototoe
J: how much that has the prieof hamburgers for Fifty people?
S: One hundred dollars
N: we want it for the Saturday february 20thS:ok for that day will be, leave paid?
J: yes here you are
S: Take your change
N: Thaks so long

J-N: Good morning
I: good morning can I help you?
N: we need to party invitations
I: herewe have some models
J: I like this
N: how much?
I: how many people need?
J: for fifty people
I: would be two hundred fifty dollars and would be for Thursday morning
N: ok here you are
J: thanksS: that such a good morning, can I help you?
J: yes please , we need two dresses
S: what color?
N: pink, please
S: what size?
N: small, please
S: what color do you want?
J: black, please
S:what size?
J: medium, please
S: show me some designs
N: we take these
S: this well would be a one thousand five hondred dollars
J: here you are
S: thanks so long

C: good morning, can I helpyou?
J: we need a discs of wissin and yandel and of the jonas brothers
C: Ok here you are, are one hondred fifty dollars
N: ok here you are
C: back soon

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