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Project: Suspense Literature

Reading Project
Title of Reading: Cazadores de Sombras: Ciudad de Hueso
(English Title: The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones)
Brief commentary on the student’sabout reading (minimum 200 words):
I think this history was so boring but when I continue the reading my idea change, this are an excellent book for the lovers of the mystery, suspense and adventuregenres, this book contain monsters, angels, demons, warriors, etc… the history is a little rare but at the same time are very interesting, I love this book and this type of readings, it have all of myfavorites history’s, Fairy Tales, Love, and other’s more.
I recommend this book for every people, it’s and excellent book (I say again) and her reading value the pain.

Test Questions
1. Writefive characteristics about the principal character
R=1.-It’s a young woman
2.-She has fifteen years
3.-She have red hair
4.-A little aggressive
5.-She likes the anime
2.What was the important scene for you?
R=When Clary discover her mother are a shadow hunter, and the wife of the bad guy.
3. What was the worse in the reading matter?
R=When she hit her bestfriend (every time)
4. What did you feel when you read the book? (Write Five emotions)
5. Would do you like tobe the principal character and why?
R=I like to be she but in a men character, why she lives in her own world, whit liberty
6. What was the character that you liked?
R=Jace Wayland
7. Writethe place description about an important scene?
R= In a temple called “El Instituto” The walls are old and have crystal lamps and the corridor have stone arches
8. What is the writer name?R=Cassandra Clare
9. Why did you choose this reading?
R=The cover calls my attention
10. Who do you recommend this book?
R=I recommend this book why it content so much interesants...
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