Public and private education system

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The Public and the Private Education Systems

The public and the private education systems are different in regards to their rules, environment and curriculumas well. The public education system has fewer rules; as a result, students feel free to make their own choices in life. Being free to prepare them for what is aheadof them in their future lives. Also, the environment at public schools is harsh as students have to face several situations; for instance, violence and povertywhich affect the environment itself. Curriculum is another point to consider about public education. Because it is easier and not as rushed. That allows students tolearn the work by doing; therefore, they do not forget what they were studying right after a test. On the other hand, the private education system offers a system inwhich students are not happy since it has many strict rules. Those strict rules can cause students to rebel, and later on to give up at school. Furthermore, theenvironment at private schools tends to be pleasant because its population belongs to different socio-cultural contexts. In addition, curriculum in the privateeducation system is said to be a lot better than in the public education system as it has not only better programs but also different methods to teach. Undoubtedly, thereis no guarantee that the private education system is better than the public education system. In the end, the fit of a student into either a private or publiceducation system, and the sense of belonging to the system community, is the most important thing, which could happen either in the public or private education system.
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