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Discrimination is a social dilemma that exists in every society and each class of society. To discriminate is basically to set someone apart from the main group of people bypointing out their differences be them sexual orientation, political views, religion, ethnicity, etc. One example might be the Muslim mosque that some people wanted to build in groundzero in New York City. This is clearly an example of discrimination based on religious ideals since if they wanted to build a Catholic church or a Jewish temple there would havebeen less criticism and controversy over the construction of such building. Another example classic example of discrimination is how the white people in the southern states of NorthAmerica treat African-Americans in such states.

My favorite examples of discrimination against me all happened within 2 weeks in California and they were all funny examples ofdiscrimination. The first thing that happened to me was that they accused me of stealing medical materials because I was from Puerto Rico and “we people” have a tendency to dothings like that. Another example was when they asked me if I knew how to break into a car because, again, I was from Puerto Rico and my people know how to do that. The rest was notthat much discrimination but just ignorant questions like “Is Puerto Rico in the Gulf of Mexico?”, “Do people speak English in Puerto Rico?” and many other questions that make youwant to laugh more than they make you feel disrespected.

The only good examples I have in mind about people taking action in order to further social justice and enddiscrimination is what Rosa Parks did when she was ordered to step to the back of the bus, and the rallies and speeches given by Martin Luther King jr. Other than that my mind runs blank.
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