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Soccer (football British English), also known as association football and called soccer, football or soccer as the national language, is a team sport played between two teams of 11 players each and four referees who deal with the rules are properly followed. It is widely considered the most popular sport in the world, participate in it about 270 million people.1
The rectangularplaying field is natural grass or artificial, with a goal on each side of the field. The object is to move to any part of the body except the arms or hands, and mostly with the feet (hence its name), a ball across the field to try to enter into the opposing goal, action is called score a goal. The team that achieves the most goals at the end of the match, lasting 90 minutes, is the winner of thematch is.
The modern game was created in England following the formation of the Football Association, whose rules of 1863 are the foundation of the sport today. The football governing body is the Fédération Internationale de Football Association, better known by its acronym FIFA. The international competition is the most prestigious soccer World Cup, held every four years by that body. This event isthe most famous and highest number of viewers in the world, doubling the audience of the Games Olímpicos.2
Nature of the game
A football match at the HSH Nordbank Arena in Hamburg, Germany.
Football is played by following a set of rules, known officially rules. This sport is played with a spherical ball (of leather or other material with a circumference greater than 70 cm and not lessthan 68 cm, and weighing not more than 450 g and not less than 410 g at the beginning of the game), where two teams of eleven players each (ten players "field" and a goalkeeper) compete to fit it into the opponents' goal, a goal marking. The team that has scored more goals late in the game is the winner, if both teams do not score or make the same number of goals, then it is declared a draw. Theremay be exceptions to this rule, see below Duration and outcome.
The main rule is that players other than goalkeepers, may not intentionally touch the ball with their hands or arms during play, though they must use their hands to throw-ins.
In a typical game, players try to get the ball to the opponents' goal, which is called goal through individual control of it, known as dribbling, passing orshooting fellow or the goal, which is protected by a goalkeeper. Opposing players try to regain control of the ball or removing intercepting passes the ball to the player who leads, but physical contact is limited. The game is free flowing football, and stops only when the ball leaves the field of play or when the referee decides to stop. After each pause, play is restarted with a specific play. Atthe end of the match, the referee compensates the total time in minutes that the game was suspended at different times.
On a professional level, most of the matches are marked only a few goals. For example, during the 2006/07 First Division of Spain, the Spanish football league, scored an average of 2.48 goals per partido.3
The rules do not specify any other position players other than thegoalkeeper, goalkeeper or goalie, but over time have developed a number of positions in the rest of the field. Broadly speaking, there are three main categories: strikers, whose main task is to score goals; defenders or defenders, located near his goal, who attempt to stop the rival strikers, and midfielders, midfielders or flyers, which handle the ball between previous positions. These players areknown as field players, to distinguish them from the goalkeeper. In turn, these positions are subdivided into the sides of the field in which players play the most time. Thus for example there may be midfielders rights, central (containment) and left. The ten outfield players may be distributed in any combination: for example, there may be four defenders, four midfielders and two forwards, or three...
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