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A Unscramble the questions in the box. Then complete the conversation with the questions. 4P← you / in / park? / the / What / do / can
← caves? / see / you / What / can / the / in
← rain forest? / the / you / Can / go hiking / in
← swim / the / you / in / Can / river?

1. Q: _What do can you in the park?
A: You can go hiking.

2. Q: _What can you see in the caves?
A: No, you can’t. The river is dangerous.

3. Q: _Can you go hiking in the rain forest?
A: Yes,you can. There are some nice trails.

4. Q: _Can you swim in the river?
A: You can see a lot.

B: Write sentences. Use the comparative form. 5P

Example: short: a mouse / a horse: A mouse is shorter than a horse.

1. Warm: the sun / the moon
The sun is warmer than the moon

2. Heavy: a car / a bike
A car is heavier than a bike

3. Dangerous: lions / rabbits
The lions are moredangerous than the rabbits

4. Expensive: a car / a bicycle
A car is more expensive than a bicycle

5. Light: elephants / blue whales
The elephants are lighter than the blue whales

C Present simple or present continuous? Circle the correct alternative. 5P

1 Pedro goes / is going swimming every day.

2 What do you mean / are you meaning?

3 You need / are needing some new clothes. Youlook awful!

4 Paul helps / is helping his mother at the moment.

5 I don’t like / I’m not liking doing the washing-up.

D The underlined words are incorrect. Write the correct sentences. 5P

1 I have never been seeing an opera.
I have never been seen an opera.

2 My brother was cycling 50 km yesterday.
My brother was cycling 50 km yesterday.

3 Are you believing everything youread in the newspapers?
Do you believe everything you read in the newspapers?

4 Maria and John have being married for ten years.
Maria and John have been married for ten years.

5 Has you ever seen a whale?.
Have you ever seen a whale?.

E Complete the sentences. Circle the correct answers, a, b or c. 6P

1 Mary enjoyed playing tennis last weekend.
a is enjoying b enjoyed cenjoys

2 Paul is the untidy boy I know.
a untidiest b untidy c untidier

3 Where are the Browns living at the moment?
a do b is c are

4 The film was a lot of more interesting than the book, don’t you think?
a a lot more b a lot of more c a many more

5 It won’t rain later. Look, the sun is shining and the sky is bright blue.
a might b won’t c will

6 Paris isn’t asbig as London.
a than b to c as

F. Reading 5P

A. Amanda invites some friends to a picnic. Read her e-mail.

Dear Friends,

I want to have a picnic at the beach tomorrow! We can do a lot of things. We can swim in the ocean. We can play volleyball. We can play fun games. Or we can just relax. Will you come? And can you bring some food and other things? I have bread and ham at home,so I can make some ham sandwiches. I have lettuce, so I can make a salad. I don’t have any drinks, and I don’t have any desserts. I have a lot of plates and a few cups, so I will bring those. I don’t have any knives, forks, or spoons.

Please e-mail me!

B Read the sentences. Mark T (true) or F (false).

1. Amanda isn’t at the beach right now. T F

2. Amanda wants to makesandwiches and a salad. T F

3. There aren’t any drinks in Amanda’s house. T F

4. Amanda only has a few plates. T F

5. Amanda can bring knives, forks, and spoons. T F


Complete the following with the corresponding verb form; then, answer the questions below.

Colonial Schools in America
In early colonial days, there...
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