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Maria Cangas
English 1301-11231
Roberto Tinajero
May 13, 2009

Music has always played an important role in learning and culture, being able to influence habits and emoticons.Many times the music is part of the traditions of a country or a region. In many situations it becomes genuine music player can also be their own interpreters or its authors. Music is a complex ofmeanings, is active in the cultural practice of young people as a socializing while differentiating status or role. But one in particular in m my opinion is very unpleasant for children because it is toogrotesque for the content of many songs in this genre. The genre to which I refer and I am totally against is the Rap music. Rap from its beginning has had very bad reputation. It has a great influenceon children as young for his misinformation about the easy money and drugs in that it manages.The violent reaction that young people have and, finally how they portrait women.
Hip-Hop and Rap hasalways been negative in certain ways. In early 90’s became the gangster rap that talk about people get in kill. Groups such as NWA and Ice-T talk about shooting cops and screaming inappropriate words.NWA had a big impact on young kids in the hoods. Songs would have strong negative lyrics against the Cops. In one song of NWA such as “Fuck the Police” coming straight from the underground/ a youngnigga got it bad cause I’m brown and not the other color/ so the police think they have the authority to kill a minority.
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Another song is from Ice T “Cop Killer” that song provoked a lot ofcontroversy and negative reactions from politicians such as Gorge W Bush. That song is fed up with police brutality, mentions LAPD.
We know that young people construct their identity with theclothing,hair style, language, and also with the seizure of certain objects emblematic, in this case, the musical goods, by whom they become cultural subjects, in accordance with the way they have of...
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