Razones para dejar de fumar

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Smokin uas consíderd a táimli fáchon, bot náo is rígarded as ei bad ábit or as ei káind of adíc chon. Disíses causd bai smoking arm or dan for jondred thirty eigt tháusan pípol in de iunaited steits ích yíer. In fact, smoking is dairectli risponsabol fot de eiry seven percent of caises of long cancer and enfisema from crónic bronquitis and mor dan ileven jondred adolescents onder di eich ofseventin bicome regular smokers evri dei. De mídia and helth áyencis promout quitin smoking. De benefits of cuít smoking ar meni but can be clasifaid in to thrii: cuít smoking impruvs jealth, impruvs di ecónomi and impruvs de físical apírians. Ólthogt dís thrii aspects ar very intréstin, aspect of helth is de most important of ól.

Dér ar meny benefits to be geind from cuítin. Is fáund det cuitsmoking redíus de risk of dáing from jart disís bay ei half. In a person ju stops smoking, wil ripléis de cancer sels and de risk of daing from uán of its táios is similar to dát of no smokers. De senses of téist and smel ar better and the person is eibol tu bríth ísili. Health to cuít smoking as wel as imprúvin de helth of pípol lívin around, dat will bi healthier without de dányer of second handsmok. Aur hélth in inváluabol, bot smoking has a very háig cost dat affect os.

Anoder benefit of cuítin is di ecónomi. If wi cálculeit dat in averach a Tueni cigarets pakech cost tu fifty dollars, a person ju smoks uán pack a dei wil séiv séveny faiv dollars per mond of cígarets. Óbiusli, de prais of cígarets is mor haiger, so de séivings ar greiter. Mor over, given dat smokers ar sik mor dannon smokers, dey olso séiv on helth ker and médicins. For dis and oder rísons, cuitin smoking is benefichal tu aur pokets dat ríli nid som help on dis deis. Síin anoder wei, wat yu seiv on cigarets ca bi iusd in esenchal things dat wi truli diserv, as in aur apírians.
De físical aspect is ícuali benefit from cuít smoking. A healthier person jas a bérer apirians. Tu dis wi ad dat cuit smokingteiks awei bad breth and yelou fíngerneils and hands. De person wil imprúv de smell of clothin and haus in yeneral, imprúv aidreichon of skin, smuthnes and hav fíwer rínkols. Som pípol, including rélativs and co workers nótis de deferens in mud and de yeneral apirians of de person. Wat berer niús dat quit smoking meik us luk berer? So its important tu stop smoking bicos it reyuvineits and biutifaisus. In fact der ar meny mor benefits of cuitin.

Onfor tiunetly, it is necessary tu criéit greiter awarnes in yeneral populeichon. Spechialy on tin eiyers ju ar on awerd of de dis advántayes of biginin tu ius cigarets and ither bay pressure or curiosity, bicom smokers. It is important for de government tu stablich programs to educate pipol, and the ichu most bi discos at jom and sculls. Aipersonaly promote no smoke bicos ai now it affects mai helth and ai wich dat more pipol wil yoin my thinkin.

Benefits of Quit Smoking
By Génesis Fernández
Smoking was considered a timely fashion, but now is regarded as a bad habit or as a kind of addiction. Diseases caused by smoking are more than 438,000 people in United States each year. In fact, smoking is directly responsible for the 87 percent ofcases of lung cancer and emphysema from chronic bronchitis and more than 1,100 adolescents under the age of 17 become regular smokers every day. The media and health agencies promoted quitting smoking. The benefits of quit smoking are many but can be classified into three: quit smoking improves health, improves the economy and improves the physical appearance. Although these three aspects arevery interesting, aspect of health is the most important of all.

There are many health benefits to be gained from quitting. Is found that quit smoking reduce the risk of dying from heart disease by a half. In a person who stops smoking, will replace the cancer cells and the risk of dying from one of its types is similar to nonsmokers. The senses of taste and smell are better and persons are...
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