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The sugar cane holocaust.
The layers: People, who are well paid, not informed about the real conditions where ethanol is produced.
The article is about acritical analysis to an academic road show which misleads local people by hiding from them the real effects in the environment and land workers by using the sugar cane as raw material to produceethanol.
The role of people is passive: people are not interested in speaking out. They are no conscious that their neutral behavior is causing a silence approval to the Brazilian model. Not taking partin finding solutions and strategies to solve and refuse these practices turn them into one of the principal guilty as well the ethanol companies are. THERE IS A LACK OF ENVIRONMENTAL AWARENESS
Peopledon’t deal with the problem directly if this one doesn’t affect them personally. Unfortunately they haven’t realized that it does. Sooner or later the effects of this model will consume naturalresources and increasing the air pollution levels in the country.
Role of cars: ?
The reality about the Brazilian model: It produces ethanol from sugar cane. It is environmental devastating. Causesproblem between the society; social classes, political matters, etc.
Environmental effects: NATURE DYING; water pollution (stillage not removed from rivers) and air pollution (cars using “clean fuels”).The residue grain from the manufacture of ethanol causes problems to the flora and fauna who are devastated. The woods are infected and poisoned by the chemical substances used by the companies.WORKERS REALITY: HEALTH, WORK CONDITIONS, ASPIRATIONS IN LIFE. People are evicted from their lands and are force to work under humiliating conditions, being exploited as slaves. Children are forced toleave their small-holdings and homesteads to live in the city where they found not only great danger but also difficulties to fulfill basic needs. The people who work in the sugar cane fields are...
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